How I got in...

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How I got in...

Postby bobakdini » 13 Jul 2008, 14:23

Last year, whne the service first started, I used Personal Statement to write my Personal Statement. They wrote it completely, and I didn't do anything except answer some questions on the phone. It was so easy! I saw they are on the internet now. It was easy and I didn't pay that much. They had docs and professional writers write everything for me.

I remember three PD's said they were impressed with my PS. I thought that was so funny...

Honestly, if you guys want to get in have somebody do your PS. This is a good site because they aren't that expensive but I heard mededits is ok too. I don't know about though but seem good too. All I know is that personal statement was a great price and I didn't have to write anything.
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