Geriaterics fellowship

You are in the final year of your medical residency and are searching for a job. What type of medical practice should you join? Which physician recruiter should you use? What kind of financial offers are other residents getting? Where should you settle down-Las Vegas? What do those "funny" words in the physician contract actually mean? Should you do Locum work initially? Discuss with your peers and benefit from their experience.

Geriaterics fellowship

Postby Guest » 14 May 2004, 14:27

What is the future for geriaterics after internal medicine residency ?


Postby Guest » 08 Jun 2004, 17:53

pretty good. if you want a nursing ho,me practice

very good

Postby Guest » 10 Jul 2004, 13:27

very lucaritive. can make lots of money

Have you heard of the "Q" sign and "O"si

Postby Wiseman » 19 Sep 2006, 15:37

Have you heard of the "Q" sign and "O"sign??????????
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