Mayo clinic, Rochester- Surgery Prelim

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Mayo clinic, Rochester- Surgery Prelim

Postby expert » 14 Nov 2003, 12:20

Mayo clinic- Surgery Prelim

Got an interview from the world famous mayoclinic. Couldnt believe my eyes. So I called them to confirm before booking my airtickets. Yes indeed, I have been called for an interview. Took a flight to minneapolis/st.paul airport and then a shuttle van for the 1.5 hr trip to Rochester. The van costs around $20 and you can book in advance from your house. Dont rent a car or fly into rochester. Its too expensive and a pain in the neck. Mayo clinic mails you a information schedule with a list of all hotels in rochester. You can find one for your budget. Rochester is a small place and it doesnt matter where you stay. You can walk, take a cab or take the free mayo clinic shuttle bus for patients. It very very efficiently run. There is nothing in rochester except for "mayo clinic". So have no delusions about it. Do you really want to be in an isolated cold place. Very very cold winters...most business places have the heater cranked up so high that you will get a headache the first few days you are there.

Mayo clinic itself is wonderful. The best place to learn medicine. All Conferences are held with seriousness. you have to wear a suit - even if you are post call at all conferences. At all conferences, the presenter gets asked questions by all attendings, then the attendings tear each other apart on medicine. A very intellectually stimulating place. Very high quality of discussions. The interview itself is with a couple of people. No medical questions. They let you talk and assess you. Ask questions like where do you see your self in 10 years, what 3 words best describe yourself etc. standard interview. But dont get fooled. They watch your answers closely.

Lunch with the residents. Good food. Most residents hire a hotel room long term and stay there. Cheap. or get an apt. Not many houses though. IMG's will get the prelim spot in surgery. Its a lot of hard work and scut work. Scores are in the high 80's or 90's. But they may not take you for the 2 nd year. They tell you--make use of mayo name and you will surely get a surgery residency somewhere else. They even suggest places. PGY-2 is filled with US grads. So be prepared to hunt for a residency next year. Oh another thing...mayo residents take care of their own patients. so you have your pager ON all the time. you can get calls from your pt anytime. So basically 6 days in a week you cannot be outside rochester.

The library is huge, they have their own satellite transpoder to hook up conferences with mayo clinic centers in scottsdale, AZ and florida. You can see the wing that King hussein of Jordan stayed in for his cancer Rx before he died. They made Rochester an international airport just so blood and tissue samples from other countries could land directly there. Most samples come from the gulf countries. Great place to do your residency and jump start your career.

Overall 8/10 for academics. For life there 4/10.
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Mayo Clinic

Postby Manoj » 10 Dec 2003, 21:37

I agree, there is nothing in rochester except Mayo clinic. very cold and freezing for 5 months a year. I mean why would you want ot get your BUTT frozen for 5 months? why ? because you can tell everyone else that you got educated at mayo....ha ha ha.....
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